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March 15 2018

If you’re anything like us, you already have a list of daily home-design pins on Pinterest and folded magazine pages that keep your inspiration levels high for decorating and redesigning your space. And just as the latest trends shift with the new season approaching, it is so important to ensure that you are up to date. But realistically with life being so busy, how do we find time to go sourcing, decide paint colors and decorate. And you may be so set on bringing that home décor board you created to life but do you want to spend your days off completing this amongst the other list of things you have putting off?

The Power of Accessories is going to inspire you to call us. *Bring Bring*

I know- we make it look and sound so easy through images but honestly, it does take time as we spend our consultation getting to know you and planning your space because at the end of day you want to come home, throw on comfy clothes and unwind from the day. Through our expertise and knowledge in redesign, we provide you a full detail of what your space can look like.

The Power of Accessories truly is amazing; it can be the last thing to happen in your space that really brings it all together and makes your home feel like home.
The proper artwork on the walls, cozy cushions on the sofa or a new rug can dramatically impact your space.

Arthur Street | Guelph, ON

Boho meets Transitional

This client, was looking to finish off their space with smaller pieces of new furniture, accessories and paint colors. All they needed was the “finishing touches” to make this feel complete. Sounds so easy right? But did I mention that this was a surprise for his girlfriend who worked in our office.
Phew, what a hard secret to keep!

After the first consultation, we were able to understand their style and what was needed to make this home complete. We took a few trips to Homesense, did some online shopping for furniture, and eventually pulled a scheme together. Planning is key, which is why we create a Pinterest board for every client because we are visual people and it gives you a better sense of what we are thinking.

Before completing the install, we kept all of the items we sourced and the furniture in our warehouse until every piece arrived. Did we mention that we have a 2000 sq. ft warehouse full of new staging furniture and accessories? Anyways, enough about us- this is about you and the joy you will feel when your home becomes complete! And believe us, this client was overjoyed with the look.

Rivermill Condos | Guelph, ON

  Feminine but Classic

This client was looking to pull the space together with new and existing furniture and to make a condo truly feel like home. The use of accessories was very important in this project. We discovered that the client’s favorite colors were plum and lavender which we were able to really work with local supplies such as Luisia’s Drapery, Homesense and Urban Barn for sourcing. The use of chrome as an accent makes this home very classic yet feminine especially with the different purple tones.
Such a beautiful view!

Heres a look at our process

In Home Consultation
This is where we get to know YOU. This is so important in understanding what you are looking for and how we can help you, while getting a first look at your space.
If you happened to read our April 2017 blog titled “Redesigning a New Office for Intrigue Media” you will understand how we built a lovely relationship with a local client.

Space Plans and Paint
We get into the nitty gritty! We start space planning, and coming up with the best possible paint colors for your home.

Design Sourcing
This is where the real fun begins; we get to source all that you need to bring your space together! Furniture, drapery, accessories, bedding, flooring, tile and the list goes on and on. Again, as mentioned previously, we create a fun personalized Pinterest board that has our recommendations for your space.

Let us alleviate the pressure of moving everything in, and getting it all put together. We will pull all the sourced items and get your home finished in no time.

We love all projects, big or small. However, if you just need help putting the finishing touches on your space,
give us a call! We would love to help you because we know how busy your lifestyle is.
We can source everything for you, and place it all to give it that sense of home at the end of the day.

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Chat soon 

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