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February 15th 2018 

One question we often get from clients after staging is how they can dress up their bed to replicate how we made it on staging day. A well made bed makes a dramatic impact in the bedroom. Not only does it tie together the entire design but it also acts as the feature of the room. We are here to show you just how easy it is to make your own bed and give your bedroom that extra finishing touch its needing.

For this blog we came up with three different schemes; The Modern and Minimal, The Oasis, and The Classic.

The Modern and Minimal

This look is perfect for those of you who want to spruce up your bed, but want it to be as little maintenance as possible. This look can be thrown together in 2 minutes or less! Ideal for those of you who realllllly enjoy your extra sleep in the morning.

All you will need:

1 Duvet: Neutral colours like grey, white or black are always nice with this style.

Bed Pillows: At least 2, but ideally 4. We recommend having 2 pillow covers that match your duvet and 2 that are different to add variety.

2 Throw Cushions: Stop by your local home store and pick up 2 smaller sized accent cushions to add a pop of colour to contrast your bed!

1 Throw: Whether it be a blanket or a fur throw like what we have here, make sure its something with texture; this ensures the bed doesn’t look too flat.


The Oasis

If you like soft hints of colour and want your bed to look as cozy as possible, all while looking crisp and put together, this is the look for you. Although this look might take you an extra couple of minutes in the morning, it really is an oasis at the end of a long day.

What you will need:

1 Duvet: We recommend picking something with a bit of interest. A subtle damask, paisley or floral is absolutely perfect for executing this look.

2 Euros: Place these at the back of the bed against the headboard to give the bed a nice plush look. Tip: Always stay neutral with your euros… You can bring in colour and pattern in many other ways!

4 Bed Pillows: Layers are everything in this look! Grab yourself 2 neutral pillows to throw in front of the euros and then add in some colour by choosing 2 more pillow covers that either match your duvet or have some interest to them! Tip: Too much pattern can look busy and not put together…. Incorporating the neutral pillows with others will calm it down and compliment the look.

2-3 Throw Cushions: This is where you can have some fun! Bring colour, texture, and pattern to the surface with your selections.

Throw Blankets: There really is no limit or perfect number….. These not only add an extra cozy feel to your bed, but add layers and texture!! There is nothing better than texture to give your bed the feeling of a true oasis.

The Classic

For those of you who just want your bed to be classic and simple this one is for you.

What you will need:

1 Duvet: For this look, we used a linen cover. Not only is linen soft, but it’s timeless! Our personal favourite is a white linen. However, for those of you with little kiddies who are nervous about it getting messy, go with cream or beige!

2 Euros: Similar to the other looks, euros are always the foundation of a good bed.

2 Bed Pillows: Go white and classic with these. White pillows give a hotel feel and always make the bed look clean. This is a great way to add a bright white element to your bed, especially if you are hesitant to purchasing a bright white duvet.

2 Throw Cushions: Stay neutral…. In a classic look you want to keep it looking fresh.

1 Lumbar: This is really the finishing touch. This is your opportunity to add some pattern or texture to your bed without over doing it.

Throw Blankets: With this look we like to grab a couple of white or netural coloured throw blankets and simply toss them on the bed. There is no rule book telling you that you have to fold your throw nicely and place it strategically on the bed; its all a preference. Have some fun with it!

We hope this gives you all some inspiration to start thinking about how you are making your bed and how it can really be the finishing touch of your bedroom. After a long day, is there anything better than coming home to a nicely made bed ready for you to jump right in?

If you are still struggling or just need that extra help shopping to finish off your bedroom, feel free to CONTACT US. We would love to help you!

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