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Wainscoting in the Bathroom


In light of the recent volume of home remodels and renovations, I compiled a list of 8 Remodelling tips for small bathrooms!

While small spaces feel cozy, they can become a real challenge when finding a space for everything. With the wide variety of trends and hacks circulating the industry, it can be tricky to narrow down parts of a renovation that are worth DIYing or buying.


To redesign a small bathroom successfully, we need to consider all the elements involved; these tips for small bathroom renovations will elevate your remodel and give you a room that checks off all the boxes.


Read on to learn more about how you can achieve a small bathroom remodel in just 8-easy steps!

8 Tips on How to  Effectively Remodel a Small Bathroom


Okay, so where do you start?

A small bathroom only needs a few small solutions to feel A thousand times better and more functional. 5-organizational tips for small bathrooms: Think practically, think about overall appearance, storage, function and most importantly, how much space you have to work with.


20 Beautiful Powder Room Décor & Design Ideas Worth Trying, ASAP



  • #1: Be Purposeful with Your Palette


  • #2: Mirror Up and Get Reflective


  • #3:  Get Creative with Storage


  • #4: Opt for an Optical Illusion


  • #5: Have Some Fun with It


  • #6: Let There be Light


  • #7: Think Creatively and Go Compact


  • #8: Pocket Doors

1: What is Your Palette?


With every project is a purpose behind it. 

Think of your inspiration; is it Light & Bright, Dark & Moody, or Fun & Playful? 

If the purpose of your project is to steer away from a dull space and add some colour or depth, you’ll probably go for a dark & moody palette or a fun and playful scheme.

When looking to brighten or create a larger appearing space, I usually stick with a soft colour palette, sticking with either light coloured walls, tiles or wainscotting. 


Brass Fixtures Design IdeasWaiscoting This elegant powder room features a wainscoting with 3/4 height Bathroom Waiscoting… | Luxury powder room, Powder room remodel, Powder room ideas elegant

Here are some of our favourite Colours: 

Sherwin-Williams Announces the 2022 Color of the Year is Evergreen Fog | Southern Living


Evergreen Fog by Sherwin Williams


October Mist 1495 | Benjamin Moore


  October Mist by Benjamin Moore



The Kitchen Cabinet Color That's Everywhere, and How to Decorate Around It


Breakfast Room Green by Farrow Ball



These colours are beautiful and can be fun for the right project!

2: Mirror Up and Get Reflective


Rather than just hanging one above the vanity, consider mirroring a whole wall of your tiny bathroom. 


Or go unique and pick out a quirky mirror, leaving your guests mesmerized and feeling inspired.


The reflection of light and pattern will do the same good work a window does.


Mirrored Wall (powder room idea)Upper West Side Apartment, Powder Room Bath Traditional by Suk Design Group | Round mirror bathroom, Bathroom design, Powder room

20 Beautiful Powder Room Décor & Design Ideas Worth Trying, ASAP



Drawn Arrow Curved - Curved Arrow | Full Size PNG Download | SeekPNG






An abstract mirror

Brinley Mirror $170

3: Get Creative with Storage 


When remodelling a small bathroom, storage should be thought-out strategically.
Take advantage of hidden storage and vertical storage solutions in your space.

Opt for closed storage, making clutter out of sight and out of mind, or take advantage of stealthily hidden storage with Recessed Wall Cabinets.

The 10 Most Popular Powder Rooms of Spring 2021Shopping for Medicine Cabinets - The New York Times

4: Opt for an optical illusion

A bathroom with black and white wallpaper




You might think you need to go for a small scale motif, but large motifs make a space feel larger.
Whether you choose big tiles or large patterns, both give an illusionary scale in tight quarters.

In larger spaces, a bold print can look dizzying and overwhelming.

In smaller bathrooms like powder rooms, statement wallpaper can transform a small space when applied on one wall, with the lighter paint colour on the rest.

I love using wallpaper as a feature in small spaces because it adds character and uniqueness; Opt for a bolder print than usual, and say goodbye to shyness!

5: Have Some Fun with It!


Funky Bathroom Tile



Believe it or not, even with a windowless bathroom, your space can be light and bright.

Large tiles throughout the bathroom (floor and walls) give the most perceived space. Pairing a large tile on the wall with a small detailed floor tile gives both: creativity & perception of space.

My Tile preference/ go-to is a mid-large scale tile with a unique pattern and light tones.

Check out this flooring option. Stunning!









Arrow Png - Chalk Arrow Png | Full Size PNG Download | SeekPNG

6: Let there be light!


Bring in that natural light into your small bathroom with large windows. I love a powder room full of light, so if increasing your window size is out of the equation, consider increasing your ambient lighting.

Sticking with original lighting seems like an easy solution. But by changing up your fixtures—and opting for seriously statement-making pieces—you can leave your powder room looking striking. 

As always, take a risk! If you feel drawn to an asymmetrical lighting fixture, go for it! Remember everything selected should be functional and purposeful. 

Many designers say that bathroom lighting can be one of the most important decisions you can make in your bathroom. From wall sconces to overhead pendants to LED mirrors, the selection process can become overwhelming

With a dark and moody palette, I tend to lean towards a low voltage industrial bulb for a cohesive design. If a light & bright scheme is more appealing to you, an LED mid-high voltage bulb is a great option.


Bulb Options:

  • LED: If you’re wondering whether you can use an LED in your bathroom, the answer? Yes. These energy-efficient light bulbs are long-lasting and available in different temperatures and wattages. These bulbs are great options for your vanity.
  • Halogen: A better alternative to standard incandescent bulbs, these bulbs will not last as long as LED, but they are typically more affordable and often warmer than LED.
  • Edison: An Edison Bulb is best suited for accent lighting as it won’t throw many lumens, but it’s great for creating that industrial feel. They typically have a visible filament and are great for exposed fixtures.


Fab Glass and Mirror Round Lighted LED Bathroom Mirror 28-in W x 28-in H Round Clear Polished Frameless Full Length Lighted Wall Mirror in the Mirrors department at Lowes.com

Bathroom Lighting Ideas | Better Homes & Gardens











Bathroom Lighting:

  • LED Mirrors Offer the perfect lighting for applying makeup, shaving, grooming, and more! White light also keeps clothes, makeup colours, etc., true to their actual colours—no need to worry about yellowing from lighting with warmer colour temperatures. Because the lighting surrounds the mirror, no shadows will be shown on your face when grooming, increasing your accuracy when shaving or applying makeup. 
  • Wall Sconces Sconces are the most common form of vanity task lighting. For the most light without any unflattering shadows, we recommend two sconces at or right above eye level to the side of your mirror (roughly 60 inches off the ground). 
  • Pendants An overhead pendant in the centre of your bathroom could help rejuvenate a tired powder room, or a modern chandelier can take a standalone tub and create a spa-like feel.

Quick Tip: 

A smaller Powder room can get away with 45-watts, especially when you aren’t using the space to get ready every morning.

7: Think Creatively and Go Compact

9 Powder Rooms With High Style – KHK Designs


Yep, you heard it! Opt-in for the “less is more approach”. Consider keeping your floors clear with wall mounted vanities and toilets. Now that’s smart!


Another Great option are wall mounted faucets. A great function of wall mounted faucets are they open up counter space for decor, which gives off a clean appearance and a larger counter space.

Bathroom Gallery — Interior Designer | Moraga, Lafayette, Orinda | Kimberley Harrison Interiors


8: Pocket Doors


Though this trick is a little more labour-intensive, replacing your door with a pocket door that tucks away into the wall can open up room for additional wall space storage.

30 In. X 80 In. White Primed Composite Mdf 1 Panel Sliding Pocket Door


Thanks for Reading!


And there you have it! 8 easy hacks to effectively remodel your Small Bathroom!

What do you think of these tips? Will you be putting any of these solutions to the test?

Stay tuned for more designer tips and tricks! Stay safe and keep inspired!


Need some help? Still feeling overwhelmed?

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