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Work With Our Award- Winning Design Team

Working with an interior designer can help your home achieve that stylish look that you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating your current home, or preparing to go to market, a professional design will make all the difference.

At Centre Staged, we work with homeowners and home builders in Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, and the surrounding area. Our team’s extensive experience and in-depth design background will simplify design decisions and our expert project management skills will keep your project  on schedule and on budget.

The award-winning team at Centre Staged is led by founder and British-born designer Jenny Hilborn, a USC™ Certified UltimateStager™. Our team takes a European-inspired approach to interior design. We will help you achieve the design vision for your home.

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DESIGN- Schoolhouse
DESIGN- Project Stone
Design – Audrey Meadows
Design – 22 Young
Design & Staging – Worton Homes – 20 Young

Design Services for Homeowners

At Centre Staged, we offer a range of tailored design services to suit the needs of your project. Select the option that is the best fit for you and contact us to get started today.

Design Time

Create with us.

Perfect for the design-savvy homeowner who wants to take a collaborative approach to the design process. Flexible hours allow us to shift focus to the elements that need the most support, while ensuring you’re moving in the right direction.

Discovery — Together, we will determine the areas where you require design assistance and we will assess how many hours are needed for your project.

Design Time — We will assign a number of design hours for your project. This design time can be used at your discretion, where you believe it will be most beneficial.

Project Guidance — Our team will provide you with guidance throughout the project. We’ll be there to help you make the right decision with your selections.


Go virtual with us.

The right package for small-scale remodeling projects around your home. Let our team make the design decisions, based on your vision, giving you the freedom to move forward with the implementation at your own pace.

Discovery — Our E-Design process starts with a phone call questionnaire to fully understand your vision for the project — or to help you create a vision collaboratively.

Details — Before we get started on your project, we need the details. Provide our team with clear photos and dimensions of each room and we’ll get to work on the design.

Design Scheme — The next stage is creating a design scheme for your home. Our team is able to complement your existing style or create a new scheme from scratch.

Styling — The final step is styling your space, based on our design. Our interactive design boards and detailed shopping lists will provide you with everything you need to order with ease.

Full-Scale Design

Leave the design to us.

Ideal for new-build construction or full-scale renovation, including both residential and commercial projects. We will work closely with your contractor to manage the project from start to finish, ensuring all the details of your design vision are brought to life in your space.

Space Planning — A detailed review to ensure your floor-plan and layout suits your lifestyle and is the right fit for you.

Research & Creation — We conduct thorough research into your design preferences and favourite styles, and will complete extensive material sourcing.

Presentation — An in-studio presentation of the proposed design scheme for your home with the opportunity to provide feedback.

Project Guidance — We work side-by-side with your contractor and their team, providing project management to bring your vision to life.

Styling — Based on your design scheme, our team will source high-quality furniture and decor to complete your space.

Design Services for Home Builders & Developers

Do you need help keeping clients on track with design decisions? Are you looking to design a model home for your new community? At Centre Staged, we work closely with home builders in Ontario to provide designs for both spec builds and production builds. 

For spec builds, our team will guide your clients through a variety of design decisions over the course of the construction process. Our team understands how overwhelming this process can be for homeowners. We’re here to ensure the final result meets the client’s design vision, while keeping the project on time and on budget.

For production builds, our team will design a space that showcases the best features of your model home and represents the community. From furniture and decor to space planning and layout, we will look after every element of styling your model home. Learn more about our model home staging services here.