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Celebrate The New Year Organized and Clutter-Free



“A Place for Everything, and Everything in Its Place”


In light of a New Year and being an organization fanatic, I’ve compiled a list of 5 Organizing and storage solutions hacks, leaving your small room clutter-free!


While small spaces feel cozy, they can become a real challenge when trying to find a home for everything. With there being such a wide variety of organizing hacks online, it can be tricky to narrow down solutions worth DIYing or buying.


Read on to learn more on how you can achieve an organized and clutter-free room in just 5-easy steps!




5 Tips on How to Organize a Small Room Effectively


Okay, so where do I start?

A small room only needs a few solutions to feel a thousand times better and more functional. 5-organizational tips for small spaces: efficient folding methods, utilization of previously unused spaces, minimalistic thinking, drawer organizers, and dedicated sections for items.


  • #1: Minimize Furniture


  • #2:  Under Bed Storage


  • #3: Declutter Routine


  • #4: Maximize Your Drawer Space


  • #5: Vertical Storage







Tip #1: Minimize Furniture


When it comes to organizing and decluttering a Bedroom, there isn’t a set rule on where to start. It can be tricky pinning down an effective and efficient system getting started. If you’re anything like me, go for the big tasks at hand first, then work around them with the smaller ones.


The key? Think Minimal!

Taking that into account, I prefer starting with furniture elimination. Immediately offering the perfect canvas, motivating me to start the organizing and decluttering process.

Adjusting your furniture to better suit the flow of your space will give you a good step in the right direction and in turn, offer a more functional and practical layout.

Selecting furniture with storage is a great and practical solution for small rooms.  Consider nightstands with drawers, allowing a clutter-free and organized surface.





Tip #2: Under Bed Storage


This Wooden storage box on wheels has me obsessed!!

Take advantage of that gap beneath your bed by using under-bed bags and bins. The possibilities are endless with these practical and functional storage solutions. Underbed bags and storage bins make for a fantastic spot for seasonal clothes, shoes, and book storage.

Approach your under-bed storage as you would any other home project: with a thought-out strategy. Keep the space neat, organized and well-edited, with no strewn belongings.

I Suggest choosing aesthetically pleasing containers or bags. It’s a good idea to purchase — or build — storage items that fit properly under the bed, rather than simply sliding bins or boxes beneath. If you want frequent access to your items, choose storage solutions with wheels or bags with handles.

Here are my Top Picks:








Tip #3: Create a Declutter Routine


De-clutter and Get Organized


Decluttering is crucial when dealing with small rooms. Unfortunately with a small space means faster mess accumulation.

A great tip to avoid messes is to go through your room at least weekly to put away any clothes and accumulated clutter. Whether you make it a fun task or chore, to ensure a New year, new you, so stay organized and clutter-free with me.

Secondly, it’s important to go through your closet and drawers seasonally, ensuring you get rid of anything that no longer serves a purpose to you anymore.

Lastly, keep your beside/dresser clear of any unnecessary items. Showcase no more than 4 items on your nightstand, otherwise, the surface can appear cluttered, which is what we are steering away from.

Michelle Lynne | Interior Design Business Coach and Podcast Host





Looking for more inspiration?

Check out our latest projects and see what our team can do to transform your space.







Set of 2 wicker style bohemian baskets with tassels and handles

Bohemia Baskets (Set of 2)
















Tip #4: Maximize your Drawer Space


How to Diagram of Marie Kondo’s File Folding Technique

With minimal furniture and storage available, it’s tricky finding solutions for maximizing drawer space and keeping organized. That’s why I recommend file-folding your clothes and investing in drawer organizers.


File Folding 

File folding or better known as Marie Kondo’s folding technique ensures uncluttered drawers so we can always find the items you are looking for without searching through stacks of messy pants and shirts. This hack is by far my favourite and truly maximizes drawer space to the fullest.


Drawer Organizers

Another great solution I use to maximize drawer space is with drawer organizers. They are available in different sizes and materials to choose from, making them great organizers for clothes, skincare products and much more.









Tip #5: Utilize Vertical Storage


Okay, so how can I organize my small closet?

A tiny closet only needs a few upgrades to feel a-thousand times more functional. 

As an Organization fanatic, I have found that these three tricks ensure an organized and storage sufficient space. Utilize the space available in your closet by taking advantage of that vertical space, my go-to hack for maximizing your closet storage and space.

Small bedrooms typically have little to no closet space and fewer storage spaces, so you’ll have to get a little creative with how you store items. My tip for concurring small storage spaces is to utilize vertical space using shelving, hanging organizers, and other similar items.  




If you don’t already have a shelf above the hanging rod in your closet, consider adding one for folded-clothes storage or baskets.








Door Organizers

Door organizers are clever solutions for extra hanging storage. These are my favourite door hanging organizers because they provide the perfect amount of storage and are budget-friendly. Another great option is to attach hooks to the backs of your closet and bedroom doors for more hanging storage.









Clothes Hanging Organizers

Keeping your hanging rods clutter-free is no easy task, which is why I recommend using foldable space-saving pant hangers. These organizing tools have six pants on one hook, making your rod clutter-free and organized.





Thanks for Reading!


And there you have it! An organized and clutter-free room, in 5-easy steps, setting the new year up for success, and a routine to invest in for years to come.

What do you think of these clever storage solution hacks for small rooms? Will you be putting any of these solutions to the test?

Stay tuned for more designer tips and tricks! Stay safe and keep inspired!





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