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May 15, 2018 

If you have recently scrolled through some of our recent Instagram posts, you may have noticed some inspirational posts with fashion and home design. You may have wondered why we would collaborate fashion and home design into one post but the truth is, with today’s digital lifestyle, you can get endless idea’s for your home design projects. We no longer have to wait to read about the latest trends in magazines, we can find it online in a matter of seconds.

“Your home is a reflection of yourself.”

I love this because we believe in decorating your home to suit your way of living, tastes and lifestyles, but sometimes this is not always happening. If you love bright colours, and if you love fun prints, you shouldn’t be just wearing them- they should be in your home as well. Much like your dress style is your own, so too is your interior decorating style.

Inspiration is all around us. Sometimes it’s nice not to take things too seriously. We only need to look at a piece from Andy Warhol to realize that having a bit of fun with colour can have wonderful results.mustard home and fashionThere’s logic behind the idea that there is a crossover between the clothes we live in and the space we inhabit. When it comes to fashion we each have a personal aesthetic that we like to present to the world, rooted in a few guiding principles – and this aesthetic is ever-evolving and the same is true of our homes.

Our overall taste may not change drastically, but every now and then we introduce new and exciting elements to keep things fresh.
Take lilac, for instance – the it colour that moved smoothly from catwalk to kitchen to bedroom.liliac home design fashionFloral and bold patterns are being chucked out and pastel colours are becoming the must have!
The new fashion trend that is being seen is pastel pinks! The interior design industry has been strongly influenced by this fashion trend and pink is everywhere and it works great! Pink has been a fashion trend for the last year but it is still as popular as ever.

We want to showcase fashion trends and home design ideas that make it easy for you to find your own style — to decide on the personal looks that will tell your story to the world — through what you wear, what you choose for your home and the way in which you showcase your personality. Check out our latest board on Pinterest as a resource to find the newest fashionable colors, designs, and products for the home as well as for the body.

pink home design fashion

” Style is putting our own signature on the things that we wear and the way that we live “

I love emerald green. However, I don’t think that everyone should be going out to buy emerald green couches but we should look at it as though it is a baseline colour. I also don’t think that we should look at them so seriously that we change our wardrobes or change the way we decorate. Instead, if we embrace the color, we should look at somehow pulling it into our own wardrobes– perhaps a scarf, perhaps a pillow, instead of refurnishing, or repainting.

green home design fashion

You’ll also find lots black and white graphic prints, which is a trend that never seems to go out a style. It’s timeless!black white home design fashion

Fashion is faddish but home design tends to be more permanent. I highly doubt we still be wearing Christopher Kane’s jewel encrusted Crocs in ten years’ time however we still be using our marble decorated bathrooms.
My apologizes if jewel encrusted Crocs are your thing, but let’s be real.

Our Blog from last May, titled Instantly Increase Curb Appeal has a quick list of colours and their common emotional associations. Behind all this, colour psychology and sensory perception come together to ensure that some trends will always be in vogue: orange makes us feel lively and bright, blue is refreshing, prints engage us, wool projects softness, and raw materials connect us to living things.
Ultimately, all fashion and interior trends are the beauty of the natural world that we live in.

” Don’t over complicate it. What works in your closet can work in your home.”

But if you would like some help getting your ideas off the paper and into the home, give us a call to bring your ideas to life.

Chat soon.

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