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Curb appeal is an essential tool in the selling and staging of your home. Choosing a new front door colour is an instant and cost-effective way to give the exterior of your home a lift and make it welcoming, distinctive, and set the tone for what’s inside. With so many colours to choose from however, this can seem like a daunting task. Bearing this in mind, we have put together a few key points that will help you simplify the selection process so that you can create a memorable entrance to your home.


STEP ONE | Choose a Colour that Suits Your Homehomestaging, curb appeal, front door colour

Step back from your house and observe what is around you. Consider the materials and colours that are already present on the exterior of your house by looking at the brick, siding, stone, trim, shutters, and roofing. The goal is to choose a colour for your exterior door that complements the existing colour palette but adds enough contrast so that it is distinguishable and becomes a feature. You may choose to pick a paint colour that enhances a tone in the brick or trim for example. Ultimately, there should be a sense of balance and harmony between the colours of your exterior. Another factor in selecting the colour of your front door is the architectural style of your home. Although you may love lime green, it may not be an appropriate fit with a Victorian house. Generally speaking, traditional homes use rich, deep hues, contemporary homes can handle a bold colour, and Cottage/Farmhouse style suits a bright paint colour that is inspired by nature.


Quick tip ideas: if the trim or exterior of the home is already a bold colour, pick a neutral door colour; light or bright colours work best with dark exteriors; bold and rich coloured front doors contrast nicely with muted/neutral exteriors


STEP TWO | Remember the Psychology of Colour

Colour generates emotion. When considering a new front door colour, we should ask ourselves how this colour makes us feel and how this could affect potential buyers. To increase curb appeal, we need to select a colour choice that gives plenty of reasons for people to think positively about the home because the front door is the first impression of what’s to come! Using subtle/muted/pastel colours for the front door can emit a feeling of serenity and ease, whereas bold/bright colours create a sense of energy and cheerfulness. Below is a quick list of colours and their common emotional associations. Where do your preferences lie?

curb appeal, psychology of colour, front door colour, style, homestaging

Red: Bold, Passionate, Confident

Orange: Lively, Bright, Cheerful, Bold

Yellow: Friendly, Cheerful, Optimistic

Green: Organic, Natural, Restorative

Blue: Soothing, Refreshing, Strength

Purple: Creative, Luxurious, Dramatic

Black: Dramatic, Glamorous, Elegant

White: Clean, Fresh, Order


STEP THREE | Selecting the Right Finish of PaintFRONT DOOR 4

The finish of paint you choose affects the look of your front door. You’ve gotten this far and chosen a new colour but now you are asked what finish you would like. For most front doors, semi-gloss exterior paint is perfect. However, if your home has an older wood door, you may consider using a low-lustre finish to reduce the appearance of imperfections that have developed with age and use. On the other hand, high gloss paints can create interesting texture against matte finished exteriors such as stone and give a polished, refined look to your front entrance.

With the appropriate time and considerations, choosing a new paint colour and finish for your front door will give your home a revitalized sense of charm and welcome for all to enjoy!

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