March is decluttering month. Take the Spring Cleaning Challenge!

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March is decluttering month

Spring is just around the corner, but the temperatures are still not quite ideal for outdoor activities yet which makes March the perfect month for decluttering. So before the snow is melted and the last thing we want to do is stay inside, let’s combat that clutter one closet at a time and take the Spring Cleaning Challenge!

If you’re decluttering in preparation to list your home, a good motivational thought to remember is that 60% of Canadians find an unclean home an absolute turn off. So lets not lose over half of your potential offers over a bit of dirt and dust and above all else make sure you’re home shines like a new penny. It will go a long way to really impressing those buyers.

The challenge is to declutter these top 10 most common cluttering-collecting areas of your home.  Follow this list to keep you organised or feel free to customise it to the areas in your home that you feel need the most attention. Keeping a list will help you stay motivated and in check!

1. Entry way

2. Main floor closets

 3. 1st floor closets

4. 2nd floor closets

5. Kitchen cupboards and drawers

6. Fridge and appliances

7. Dresser/other furniture drawers

8. Bedrooms

9. Living room and office/study

10. Bathrooms

Just like any diet or sports training, stay committed when the going gets tough and I promise you the outcome will leave you feeling fantastically proud!

March is decluttering month

Centre Staged Inc.’s Quick Tip

*Get the whole family involved and make each item a fun activity, competition or a game either for each individual person or between everyone. (Granted you may end up repeating some of the areas yourself depending on how old your children are, but at least it will make your life a little easier and more fun for you too!)

** If you’re taking on this challenge single-handedly, then put on your favourite music and make it into a dancing/workout session at the same time. Making it fun, makes it easier!

What’s your number 1 Spring cleaning tip?

We would love to hear from you. Leave us a note at the bottom and share some of your secrets or stories.


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