Designing From Scratch: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start

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In today’s blog I’m revealing all about how our team structures every design project we have the pleasure to work on and the experience our clients receive.

Below are 5 questions, taken from our uniquely crafted ‘Design Discovery Questionnaire’, that will help you kick-start a wonderfully designed space!


“The first and most crucial step in design is the inspiration. It’s the sole purpose of any design. It’s the spark that triggers the whole design, then leads you through every step of the way. ” – Jenny

When you start to collate inspirational items and images, you’re determining your style, which is a major foundational step, for both you and your designer.

We’re fortunate to live in an era with access to beautiful online imagery; Pinterest, Instagram and glossy magazines, but there are lots of other places to find inspiration and I challenge you to start elsewhere first…Interior Design inspiration

THE POSITIONInterior Design Room Design


THE INTERIOR DESIGNInterior Design Space Planning


THE TEXTURES / EXTERIOR DESIGNInterior Design Exterior materials


THE FINSIHNG TOUCHESInterior Decorating Finishing Touches


Here’s a quick recap of the questions:

  1. Inspiration – Overall, what’s inspiring the purpose of this project?
  2. Positioning – What direction does/should the room/property face?
  3. The Interior Design – Do you prefer a contemporary or traditional layout?
  4. The Textures / Exterior Design – What textures compliment your original inspiration?
  5. The Finishing Touches – How will you function in the space? What finishing touches will suit your needs?
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