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“Time is a factor in all processes, but with construction projects, it’s crucial”

Have you ever completed a home renovation project and realized at the end, that you’ve compromised on what you wanted so many times along the way, you’ve actually ended up with a space you’re not 100% happy with?

I have. It happened with our very first property renovation 11 years ago, and it’s not a good feeling.

So how does a renovation snowball out of control?

There are many factors that can impact a project. The biggest and most common one being the big old ‘B’ word…Budget! Which yes, can often feel like the biggest thing to spiral out of control, but something we do have the power to control, that can actually save us money in the end, is our time and how we use it.

True story…
How to complete a successful renovation project

“When we allow ourselves enough time to dig deep into product research, we should always be able to accomplish (or at least 99.9% close to) what we’re trying to create in our home”

I was stood in a beautiful country property last week, that has undergone a huge transformation. When speaking with the homeowner about his ensuite bathroom, he was telling me how he’ll probably end up ripping everything out soon, even though it was only installed 2 years ago. (To clarify, our team wasn’t part of the original design 😉

He explained that they felt so rushed picking the finishes in time to meet the contractors schedule, that they’ve ended up with a bathroom they don’t really like.

As a professional, it was so disheartening to hear and a feeling no homeowner should ever experience after spending their time, energy and money on a project…not to mention the waste that’s created!


The Importance Of Project Timing

Timing and planning is by far the biggest factor to shape a project. However, the order of the steps a renovation project should follow, can commonly get mixed-up.

P.s I’m realizing there’s another big factor causing projects to veer off track, besides poor project timing, but I’m going to save the rest of that topic for my next blog. Stay tuned!

Trying to make your selections quickly so that you can place all the orders on time to work with the contractors schedule or within the 30-day permit application timeline, can quickly become very overwhelming and throw your project right off track. Getting ahead with your selections can be a game-changer for your project success and your stress-levels!


To create a space you’ll be 100% happy with, here’s is the order of process we recommend to follow during a renovation:



Establish your vision and project goals. Create a ‘needs vs wants’ list to help set a clear picture of what you want to accomplish for the space and if it’s attainable. Seeking a designers opinion in this first step of the process, to check if your budget is in line with your vision, can be crucial for the outcome of your project.



Once you have the vision in mind and know the direction of the project, get a detailed drawing package created and start selecting all of your interior finishes. Give yourself the time to thoroughly research, research, research! Having all the materials chosen and ready to go, before you call a contractor, will give you confidence in your design and the most accuracy in the pricing.

Read my previous blog ‘Designing From Scratch: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Start’ for a detailed list of the ‘The Finishing Touches’ to work through. 



Undergoing a renovation of any scale is no easy task. Seek help where possible from experienced professionals who will guide you through the process and ultimately make it an enjoyable experience for you! Ask family members and friends who have recently completed projects, for referrals and references and check Google reviews.



Having a solid design plan in place will ensure you obtain the most accurate quotes and timeline. There are lots of helpful tips and strategies in estimating, for making sure your expectations are met. If there’s something in these two areas that isn’t lining up for you, revise the designs and research again at this point.



Now that you have your interior selections and drawings created, your renovation team carefully selected and the investment and timeline established, your renovation is ready to begin! Stand back and enjoy a much more efficient process.



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