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We’re all still adapting to our new working lives. Some love working from home. Some like a 50/50 split of home and workplace and some can’t wait to be back in the office full-time with their colleagues!

Whether you’re still working from home or in your newly adapted workplace,  it’s really important that we feel motivated by our surroundings, especially during challenging times.

So where do you start when creating a motivating office space?
There’s ONE key element that’s probably the most underestimated!…

The last few months have had a huge psychological effect on our minds and bodies, and our mental health is something we’ll need to prioritize even more when our sunlight exposure gets less and less over the Winter months.

But can you guess what the home decorating secret is to improving your mood? It’s…..

Here’s a hint… 

small dark office

Does this work space motivate you?…


Motivating colours for your home office

Here are 5 fun facts about colour:

Colour is noticed by the brain before anything else and it is felt, not thought

Paint colours can help HEAL OUR BODIES! Red rooms can often help depressed people regain vigor and green can help calm an anxious person

Green is also linked to growth of power e.g money, military, banking and finance

Blue has a very calming effect on the mind and is the colour of reason

Black accents in a room can add energy to sophistication





Now not every colour is suited for painting on walls but sometimes a hint of the right colour in a piece of artwork or a décor piece here and there is all it takes to boost our day!

Space Planning

We’re living in a virtual world so now more than ever it should be easy for us to work in an uncluttered, paperless office!

Tidy desk, tidy mind! 😉

Keep the room (and your mind) as clean and simple as possible!

Decorating A Motivating Office Space

Here’s our work space 🙂 We LOVE our office desks! They tick all the boxes.

 Your basic office furniture and decor checklist is…

 One sleek but practical desk

Position your desk to face a window where possible. Getting vitamin D into our bodies helps to keep our energy lifted throughout the day. (I also take Vitamin D drops every day because apparently we’re all deficient in Canada!)

 One stylish and comfortable office chair

HERE’S one of my faves! (p.s. ergonomics are really important when you’re sat at your desk for hours a day. Keep an eye out for a chair with a tall back, for upper back support, good lumbar support, arm rests and is height adjustable. And of course, remember to get up and walk around every 30 minutes!)

 One contrasting storage shelf or cabinet

Have a little fun! Your desk and shelving don’t always have to match.Motivating colours for your home office

 One rejuvenation area

A comfortable armchair, loveseat or floor pouf will create a cozy corner where you can get rejuvenated and switch up your sitting position and workspace. Another healthy trick for our brains!



 One vibrant floor or desk plantMotivating colours for your home office

We already know that colour can heal our bodies and greens keep us calm and so do plants! I shared my top 5 low-maintenance plants, with added health benefits, on an Instagram HERE.

 One statement ceiling light and/or desk/floor lamp

Great lighting is another key element to a motivating office space. Particularly if your room faces North/North-West.

 One inspiring piece of artwork

It could be your favourite quote printed in a large frame or a scenic piece that reminds you of a great vacation!

 One warming area rug

For those of us with hardwood/vinyl/laminate/concrete floors



Lastly, if you’re feeling adventurous, try an accent ceiling or colourful interior door to add a bit of bold contrast to your office!

Colourful Interior Doors