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Purchasing a new home is a very exciting and big life event. Especially when it’s a new build home. You get to be the very first people to live and breath life into the space and it all starts off as a freshly painted blank slate. The challenge, however, can be that although brand new, sometimes a new build home can feel a bit cold and lackluster until you get settled and work to put your own stamp on the house. So, how do you personalize your new build home so that it feels like a home that’s warm, inviting and reflects your family?

It’s only natural that it will take time for your family to get settled into your new digs, but here are some things to bare in mind to help you settle in quicker, create a place you absolutely love being in and create that feeling of home.


1. Rework your furniture layout

If you’ve moved before, you might find that the layout in your previous home may just not work the same for your new one. Consider what pieces you do have and what should stay, go or be reworked into another area of your home. If you have bought your first home, carefully consider what type of furniture will work best for your space and invest in quality pieces that are not only comfortable and the proper size, but will last as you grow and transition with the home. Evaluating what you think you might need in the next five to ten years can help you identify what pieces may be the best for your home. Mixing the old with the new is a great way to create a curated home and investing in timeless pieces will never go out of style.


2. Create comfort and coziness in every room

Moving can already come with a costly price tag but if your looking to update a room and look for less, consider a simple refresh by purchasing new pillows and throws for areas like living rooms, family rooms or bedrooms to make a space feel new again. This is a great way to change up colours, pattern and texture in your home and adding warm layers will bring your new build some further personality. Painting walls (or ceilings for an added surprise) is another great cost effective way to change the mood and feeling of a room to create coziness.


3. Personalize kid’s rooms

If you have kids, moving can sometimes be tough on them too. Make it a point to personalize your kid’s rooms to make them feel special. Get them involved so they get excited about their new room and new home. This will make for some great family time and memory making too.


4. Invest in quality window treatments

This suggestion may not seem like a first priority, but this is one to not be overlooked and for good reason. Window treatments not only help dress up windows and add to your home’s style, but they are first and foremost functional for light control (the suns rays can be damaging to floors and furniture overtime), privacy and even act as an insulator which is especially helpful during our long Canadian winters. Consider what function you want for your window treatments and shop for an option that suits your needs. There are several options and technologies out there not at various price points, so you don’t have to sacrifice style over your functional needs – you can have both!


5. Add wall or ceiling trim, mouldings or a feature wall

Another way to add layers in a room is through trim work and mouldings that can be applied to either walls or even the ceiling. Think wainscoting, board and batten, bead board, crown moulding… the options are endless. For an added focal point in an area of your home, you could even create a focal wall using paint, trim work or wooden planks.


6. Personalize small spaces

Smaller spaces like laundry rooms and powder rooms need a bit of personality too and since you don’t often use these spaces on a daily basis, you have the flexibility to go a little bold with them if you so choose. Try adding wallpaper or using a colour in your laundry room that you would not necessarily choose for the rest of your home. If you choose a paper or colour you love, you might find it makes doing the laundry a little more enjoyable.


7. Upgrade your organization solutions

 Adding organizational tools to your home will help you live a little easier and ensure that everything you own has its own home too. Try these home organizational solutions in your bedroom closets or in the kitchen to help organize drawers or pantries. These are two areas of the home that are the toughest to keep clean and organized, but with a little extra little help, they don’t have to be. Less clutter and more organization means less headaches for you.


8. Add décor mindfully

It can be easy to get carried away with all the lovely home décor out there these days. But take our advice that less is almost always more. Use home décor in your home mindfully and decorate with the things you absolutely love. You might be excited to shop for new pieces for your new home, but a home isn’t really a home without the pieces you have loved and collected throughout your life that hold great meaningful to you. These items likely hold memories that are worth putting on display to be enjoyed.

9. Create memories

And of course, home is not a home until memories are created. Go ahead and plan events and invite friends and family over and make new traditions to enjoy your new space. Having people over to share your home with, creates the feeling of home and marks your new beginning.

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You’ll get excited about doing everything at once, but pick one starting point and move from there. This is the biggest investment you make in your life and you will likely be there for a while, so choose things you absolutely love and will make you happy.

Are you living in a new build home? Tell us how you made it personal to your family. Share your own suggestions and feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

Not sure where to start or need some help redesigning your new home? Contact us to see how we might be able to help.

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