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With a new year, comes new trends. And as interior home stagers and designers, we feel it’s very important to keep up with industry trends, especially when it comes to the home. To see what’s new and trending for homes and in design in 2017, we attended the Toronto Interior Design Show (IDS#17) this year to learn about new products and design innovation to  help spark inspiration for our own projects in 2017, as well as helping us stay informed to better serve our clients. It’s always rewarding when we can suggest a product or idea that fits well with our clients needs whether it’s helping them in redesigning their home creating a space they fall in love with, or selling their home for a quick turn around and for top dollar.

The show this year was full of inspiration, creativity and talent from Canada and around the world. Notably, there was an incredible representation of domestic talent in attendance and we were blown away with the thought that all this talent exists right in our own country and just outside our front doors.

There was really so much to see at the show (that’s why the show runs for 3 straight days!), but we’ve managed to round up our favorites for you. Here’s our #IDS17 report on what caught our eye from the show and what home trends will take “Centre Stage” in 2017 (pun intended).


Copper Details

Turns out, rosy details are here to stay a while longer. Copper and rose gold finishes were spotted at many of the shows booths and installations from a variety of sculptural lighting fixtures to bathtubs, hardware to accessories. Copper blends in well with a number of different interior styles and is a warmer tone than its gold and silver counterparts. Did you know that it’s also said to have natural healing properties? Just one more reason to surround yourself with this natural occurring metal.

The absolute showstopper was this copper, free standing tub by Native Trails.

Copper tub by Native Trails



Rose gold lighting fixture from Lightmaker Studio


Cooker by La Cornue


Natural and Sustainable Solutions

There is still a big shift towards the use of natural and more sustainable solutions in design. With our tech-focused world, it’s no wonder that people crave more natural materials in their homes. The Ontario Wood exhibit was a wonderful display showcasing and promoting makers and manufacturers who work with locally-sourced wood. The craftsmanship seen in some of the products was incredibly amazing to see.

Lighting by Brothers Dressler


Also under notice, was sustainable and responsibly sourced materials in bathroom design. WETSTYLE, based out of Montreal, was just one to take glimpse at with their eco-friendly natural stone composite material for bath furnishings and furniture crafted from hand-selected, sustainable hardwoods.


Technology & The Smart Home

It should be no surprise that as our world keeps growing with advanced technology, so will our homes. We see products that are aligned to make our lives both easier and fun with more digital capability.

Wireless and coloured LED light bulbs and lighting panels systems are gaining popularity. With psychology proving that colour affects our mood, smart lighting options like the Philips Hue series and Nanoleaf Aurora, are meant to inject creativity and alter mood in a space. As an added bonus, these lighting options can all be programmed and operated wirelessly through an app on your device. “Create the feel of a sunset in the living room or set the perfect shade of light and brightness for reading a book in bed. The possibilities are endless.” (Philips Hue series).

Lighting by Philips Hue


Lighting panels by Nanoleaf Aurora


Appliances are also getting smarter. Touch screen kitchen range countertops to digital shower systems, and faucets. Even washer and dryer laundry sets with wifi capabilities.

Washer/dryer from Miele


The Finer Details

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big impact in a space. When used sparingly, unique details can speak for themselves.

Another Canadian company, Surfaces and Co., featured their curated and exclusive selection of luxury surfaces, fittings and accessories for kitchen and bath. They had the most exquisite tiles on display that you might ever lay your eyes on. They were full of mosaic patterns, interesting textures and unique colour.

Tiles by Surfaces and Co.


ADH Hardware also exhibits how their exceptional architectural door and cabinet hardware can make a statement. They had really creative product designs and their reputation is based on the enduring quality and beauty of their products.


ScanWest creates highly artistic custom interior and exterior doors for modern contemporary living and they are all about texture and dimension. Flat just doesn’t cut it. After seeing their work, we think you’ll rethink your average doors too.

Small Batch and Bespoke Design

A large part of the show is also exhibiting emerging and established designers from around the world, allowing them to test their new ideas and share their small batch, meticulously crafted designs with others. In a world where we are used to things being mass-produced, these artists obsess over creating the highest quality products of unique designs and can create one-of-a-kind pieces that suits it’s owner best.


Guelph’s own @era66


Chair and ottoman by Christopher Solar


Injection of Colour

White living spaces are still trending but colour is creeping back into living spaces. We see these colours in the named “colours of the year” – Twinkle In Her Eyes and Enigmatic Triton by Para Paints, or Shadow by Benjamin Moore – which are rich and slightly sultry.

Using colour in unexpected ways also seemed to be a theme. Coloured kitchen faucets were a hit as they created a cheerful and bright rainbow display by Grohe.

Rainbow faucets by Grohe


The array of coloured rugs by Weaver’s Art was also an art installation in itself. So many gorgeous textures, patterns and materials to select from!

Rugs by Weaver’s Art

All these new trends and products have helped get our creative juices flowing as we embark on another great year ahead at Centre Staged! As we continually keep up-to-date with trends in our industry, they only become increasingly helpful when we work with our clients to either help them redesign their current living space or staging a home to be sold to help them sell it quickly and for top dollar. Take a look at our portfolio….  we love finding solutions that fit our clients design challenges.

As you can see, the whole show was fantastic with simply lots to see. The future looks bright in the world of design for 2017!

Which are your favorite trends from our roundup? We’d love to hear from you, please say hello below!


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