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Whether you’ll be preparing your home for sale in the coming weeks or next year, these handy tips will help you live through a staged home and keep you ready for those last minute showings.

We know that living in a home, that could potentially have multiple showings a day, might become terribly inconvenient and stress-inducing but if we set the ‘stage’ right..(pardon the pun ;), it hopefully won’t last longer than a week!

These tips will help you leave your home in the best condition possible before a showing and it will teach you how to maintain a staged home.


Stay Organized

Home Staging closet organizing

Leave only your best linens on display and keep closets neatly staged with baskets and dividers. Fold and stack items into colours where possible.

Save Time

Home Staging home organizing

Putting away all personal bathroom items, is important but moving multiple bottles every day can get time-consuming. Save yourself some time and use a shower basket. Also, wiping down the walls and floor while you’re in the shower will save you even more time!

Surface Clean Daily

Home Staging home organizing

Kitchens are key selling features for buyers. Show them exactly how much counter space they’ll get by minimizing the items on the countertops. Keep them clear and showing ready.

Reduce Odours

Home Staging home organizing

Cooking in the oven as much as possible will help to avoid greasy tops and reduce your pre-showing cleaning list.

Be Ready To Leave

Home Staging home organizing

Pack some to-go bags for those last minute showings

For any other concerns about living in a staged home, feel free to reach out to our staging team!
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