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If you’re preparing your home for sale in the coming months, “declutter” is probably at the top ofHome Staging decluttering questions your to-do list…or at least it should be!

To make life easier, we compiled a list of questions to ask yourself as you declutter your home, helping you part with those personal items more efficiently.

It’s simple. If you answer “Yes” to most or all of the below questions, then it’s probably time to part with it as it’s officially clutter!


#1. Do I have multiples of the same thing?

#2. Do I already own something else that could do the same job?

#3. Has this item only been used once or twice in the last 12 months?

#4. Do I have other similar items that mean more to me?

#5. Do I spend more time cleaning and storing this item than I do using it?

#6. Am I holding on to this item hoping to fix it one day?

#7. Is this an item I’m holding on to ‘just in case’?

#8. Do I feel an obligation or expectation to keep this item?

#9. Am I keeping this item because I feel that I should love it?

#10. Could I use this space for something else?


If you’re still finding the task of decluttering difficult, remember that only 10% of buyers can visualise the potential of a home, which means 90% of buyers viewing your home will not be able to see beyond any dirt, clutter or imperfections and will probably be compiling their own ‘to-do’ list, prompting them to offer you a hefty reduction in price. Go for top dollar! Your home is worth it!

As the genius Albert Einstein once said…


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