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When faced with the task of choosing furniture for my first babies room redesign project (for my own first baby by the way), I of course wanted to think ‘outside-the-box’. What good designer wouldn’t!

After looking in the usual baby stores, with the matching sets of cribs, change tables and dressers, and feeling completely un-inspired, I decided that I not only wanted a change table that was a different colour to the crib, but also a different style…and age. I had already created a focal wall in the room, painted with two shades of mint green thick horizontal stripes, and now decided that I needed a focal furniture-piece too.

So I spent a whole weekend in the summer, scouring antique markets, without any luck. As usual, I had a vision in mind of what I wanted and I wasn’t going to be satisfied until I had found it. Then one night when visiting my husbands parent’s, to see the work they had done in their newly decorated guest bedroom, I noticed this dresser (which I had probably walked passed a million times and never noticed until then)…it was EXACTLY what I had in mind! After politely asking, with pleading eyes, if they still had a need for the dresser in the newly modernised guest bedroom, the search was over!

The following day I chose the Benjamin Moore paint colour (Sea Haze 2137-50), loaded it onto the truck and dropped it off at the furniture restorers. I also asked if the back piece of wood could be replaced, as it was too short at both ends and if the old, rusty roller-ball feet could be replaced for solid wood feet to make the dresser a more secure and higher change table.

I couldn’t be happier with the result! Just knowing that not only is this now an entirely unique piece, but also that it has been and will remain to be, a piece that has been passed down for generations, gives thinking ‘outside-the-box’ so much more meaning!


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