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Time is a factor in all businesses, but with new construction it’s crucial…especially in the months to come.

If you’re a builder or renovator, I bet you could tell me in a heartbeat about that one project that pushed you to the limits. The one that gave you a few sleepless nights. One minute everything is moving along nicely and the next you’re faced with a situation that tumbleweeds into pushing everything off schedule. It would have probably gone down in the history books, until recently…

Being a member of the Guelph & District Home Builders Association, we stay updated on the news and hear how much the home building industry is suffering during this difficult time. We’re all dreaming of the day that our projects can get kick-started again and when that day comes, we truly believe that our communities will be stronger in the end.

We’re proud to have been the home staging creative and capital support to home-sellers and builders, across Southern-Ontario, for the passed 7 years. We know that being there to take care of the logistics, design and up-front capital furnishing costs, of getting model homes market-ready quickly, is going to be important to the industry now more than ever.

The Bright Side…

But is the ultimate bright side of this isolation period, the time we’ve had to reflect on things we’ll do differently when we return? It certainly is for us.

A great piece of advice someone gave me a while ago was, “typically if there’s an issue in business, it’s not because of the team, it’s because of the process”. This advice has helped me to improve my company in so many ways. I’ve found time and cost savings everywhere and have really valued the down-time in the last few weeks to perfect our process even more.

There will be so many elements to manage with new builds once we get the green light, from pouring foundations to tracking costs and getting to market quickly, but there’s one crucial item that all builders could take off their plate…

That’s exactly what Dunsire Developments did with their Guelph development, White Cedar Estates, when they called us back in September 2019.

Our team had their brand-new model home furnished and ready for the real estate market within one week!Dunsire Developments custom home new build

The Value We Bring

Every room of this beautiful 2230 sq.ft model home is filled with our best quality, on-trend furniture and decor, collectively valued at over $65,000.

home staging dining room


Our Home Staging packages always include, the creative design, 1-day setup, delivery/pick-up and rental for 1 month. However, Dunsire Developments let us know ahead of time that the model home would be on display for a minimum of 9 months, so we were able to tailor a cost effective, long-term rental package for them at just $5090 per month.



Our vast Home Staging inventory covers everything needed to market a show-stopping property and attract the widest audience of buyers.home staging bedroom decor

home staging bedroom decor









Here are some other benefits to our staging service;

  • Eliminate the pressure of needing to sell all the furniture with the model home or the time to sell each item individually.
  • Remove the expense of a storage container, moving costs and potential damage if furniture is re-used from model to model. Our company is fully insured to cover unexpected damage. 
  • Cut the profit loss of selling used furniture, valued at 10c on the dollar
  • Save time on research to stay on top of industry trends. We replenish pieces regularly to make sure the styles are current
  • Gain an experienced team ready to dedicate their creative talents and time to the thoughtful selection and setup of your model home, to reach your targeted demographic.

CLICK HERE to see another model home project – both lots sold in under 30 days for over asking price

Psychology shows that buyers purchase based on emotions and time and time again we hear buyers say things like “Remember that house with that amazing island and that beautiful dining table. It felt so bright and welcoming”. They’re recalling the way they felt as they walked through the property and they’re already picturing themselves there.

At Centre Staged, we bring your vision to life and create spaces that make a lifetime of memories.

Here’s what Dunsire Developments had to say about working with us….

How has the staged model home made a difference to your sales and the buyers’ response to the property and overall development?

“An empty space does not give people an idea of the size, usage of the space and what it can accommodate. Seeing a furnished space turns a vague open space into a feeling of home. As people feel happy and comfortable in the staged house, it becomes more than walls and a roof, it gets them excited about possibly living in the space, and thus helps them see the remaining home offerings as comparable spaces and options for them and their families”.

Did the style and quality of the interior decorating meet your expectations?

“Absolutely. The house was furnished and accessorized beautifully, with good quality product, using neutral, serene colours and transitional style that appeals to majority of people”.

Why did you feel it was important to stage your model home?

Floor plans on paper and empty houses are too vague, intangible, people cannot visualize living in the space. By having it staged, people get a more specific idea of placement and sizing of furniture, start seeing the space as a place to comfortably live in. It is interesting how often we hear comments that a particular space looked smaller when not furnished.

How do you rate your overall experience with Centre Staged out of 10 (1 being very unhappy and 10 being extremely happy) and would you recommend our services to other builders or homeowners?

10! Yes. The team is a group of very talented, organized and personable ladies. Beautiful final results, quick and efficient work, and a very friendly team.

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