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Is it now a lonely virtual process or can we still call on our community to help?

What’s the first thing you do when you decide to put your home on the market?…Confused about selling a home?

Call a realtor?

Call a home stager?

Ask a friend for advice?

Speaking from experience, it can feel like there are a million and one steps to take until the day the ‘For Sale’ sign actually goes in the ground so can we really be moving towards tackling it all virtually and independently?

Or can we have the best of both?…The traditional methods mixed with come hi-tech, virtual savvyness…speaking with our experienced realtors in the know, we can! Home Staging help

Since we started in the home staging industry 7 years ago, the majority of enquiries we receive come from hard-working realtors striving to give their clients the best experience and even though today’s sellers are a little more DIY savvy, sometimes calling us to get ahead of the over-whelming to-do list, realtors continue to see the value home staging brings to them and their sellers.

Over the years we’ve been apart of some amazing success stories and hands-down the best moments and the happiest sellers have been made by multiple minds coming together. Regardless of the ways we’ve had to adapt recently, it seems our communities have become stronger and the fact remains, to have the best home-selling experience, it takes a team.

Home Staging and Realtor Team

When we asked Chestnut Park West Realty agent, Kristin Ghent, to give us her view on the current home-selling process and the secret to her success, we were on the same page…Teamwork!


Guelph real estate

Kristin Ghent, Chestnut Park West Realty

“At Chestnut Park Realty, we believe 100% in the team approach and it’s important that our clients feel like they’re part of the team too. For every property we list, we take the time to qualify and recruit all the right professionals to create and deliver the very best experience. I try to experiment with different vendors on my personal properties so I can be totally confident that I’ve gathered the right people for ‘our team’ before I refer these services to my clients.

What can a buyer expect in a listing package?

“We’ve rounded up an abundance of top-notch vendors and services in our listing packages, so our clients are confident they’re getting the most out of their selling experience. Some of these offerings include the innovative tech we use to create 3D visual walkthroughs of properties, home staging and professional 2D photography. As professionals and as homeowners ourselves, we choose to invest in these services for our clients because for us, it’s much more about the relationships than the transaction itself. We try to provide our clients with an exceptional experience that they won’t forget.

A new buyer called me a few days ago after reading about us online and said, “You’re exactly the way you portray yourself on your website”, and that’s exactly how we want people to feel. We love our work and we’re here to make sure our clients enjoy the process of selling a home by lining up the right people to make that happen for them”.

How has the process of selling your home changed?

“Now more than ever, we need properties to show the best online. Under our current circumstances, we’re advising buyers to walk by the home, drive around the neighbourhood and watch the 3D visual walkthroughs so they’re 80% ‘sold’ on a property before we schedule a physical walkthrough. High quality staging and professional photography are crucial to show these properties as best and realistic as possible. I don’t typically have to worry about my clients living in staged homes for a long period of time because it looks great, and their houses sell fast! Another great benefit of staging is that appealing to a wider audience opens up the flood gates to make sure we gain the right buyer who sees everything the home has to offer. It’s a win-win across the board”.

Is now a good time to list a property?

“A lot of people are asking if now is the right time to list their property, and the answer is YES (approaching it safely and responsibly)! Many buyers have been sitting back waiting for new properties to come available, so the demand has been building for months. I recently read an interesting article claiming that with the surge in cancelled or postponed weddings, many couples are opting to use this opportunity to re-invest their wedding funds into real estate instead with the intention to have their wedding at a later date. Real estate is rebounding, and buyers are motivated to invest in the right property, even today”.

Leave us with one thing to remember about selling a home…

“It’s important to us to go the extra mile for our clients by hand picking ‘our team’ to deliver the experience they deserve. It’s all worth it at the end of the day when our buyers and sellers have a great story to share with their friends and family over dinner in the comfort of their homes. THAT is what matters most”.

Thanks Kristin! 🙂


The Relief That We’re All Here To Help!

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