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Bohemian-style table setting with linens, plates, flowers, pillows and other Boho items


Celebrate Mom with a Luxury Boho Party

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve put together a fabulous DIY Bohemian table setting featuring products from our Shoppe. Read on to learn how you can create your very own luxurious Boho theme for Mother’s Day or any other special occasion.

Why Go Boho?

It’s personal: Bohemian style is based on artistic expression and creativity, which opens up plenty of opportunity to personalize and customize your theme.
It’s kind to our planet: All of the style elements can be used over and over again throughout your home, so you’re investing in timeless décor pieces and being kind to the environment by foregoing the one-time-use party decorations.
It’s versatile: This theme can be reimaged for any occasion and any age group! From kids birthday parties, to weddings, and retirement parties. You can make it fun or luxurious. The possibilities are endless!


Watch the full how-to video:


Tip #1: Start with Your Base

Persian or boho rug with a pink, green, beige pattern

When it comes to your Bohemian theme, there are no hard rules for where to start. Inspiration can come from even the smallest item, but if you’re like me, I like to choose the larger elements first, then work around them with smaller details. In this case, I chose this rug as my base. It immediately offered up the Boho pattern I was looking for, as well as a light and bright colour pallet that is perfect for the spring/summer seasons.

Next, choose a table that is appropriate for your guests. If your guests are flexible and comfortable sitting on the ground, I would opt for a coffee-table height. However, if you’re hosting a group that will likely prefer to sit in chairs, you can easily take the setup to a full-sized dining table.


Tip #2: Add Texture and Layers

Textured Throw Blanket with tassels

The Boho esthetic is all about layering with various textures, fabrics and materials. Your guests will appreciate the variety, as each material will offer up a different sensorial experience. For example, instead of a traditional flat tablecloth, try opting for a blanket. I’ve chosen to use a soft and patterned taupe throw, paired with a cashmere runner (a blanket) to cover my table. The tasseled edges of the throw add a Boho flare, while the raised pattern creates dimension and texture to the tabletop.

Pillows are also an essential component of this theme, and my take is, the more the better! Again, adding some variety to the size, texture, and colour of your pillows will really make the whole setting pop! Ive used 20×20 stone-washed cotton pastel pillows for added comfort and luxury, and pulled it together with a tribal-patterned pillow of the same colours.

But don’t stop layering there! Keep adding where you see necessary and plan around the season! Will you be outside or inside? Will you be on the floor or in a chair? In the warmer months, linens, silks and cottons are a favourite but be sure to have plenty of thicker, fuzzy blankets available in a cooler setting. And if you plan on a floor setup, additional pillows, throws and blankets are a definite must for added comfort!


Tip #3: Go Natural

Layers of various fabrics and textures to achieve a natural Boho look

No Boho look is complete without the addition of some natural elements. The best case scenario is taking this table setting outdoors to your backyard, the park, or the beach. But when el fresco is not an option, be sure to incorporate various types of woods, plants (see Green Is Queen), jute, hemp, bamboo, gems, stones, golds, copper and silver. The list goes on.

In this example, the woven placemats look and feel like a smooth straw but are made from paper. Rustic chopping boards, a must-have on any table setting, add a decorative warming tone and are also perfect for serving your favourite charcuterie spread. Multi-purpose, indeed! The frayed-edge linen napkins also add a touch of warmth and charm against the white bowls.

And finally, even smaller natural items can make a huge impact on your overall look. For example, the blush-toned clay pots add a soft, calming aesthetic that balances nicely against the bold greens and dark wood, while the gold flatware brings a romantic flare that will glow in the candlelight. This balance is key and will have your guests feeling all the good feels!

Tip #4: Green is Queen

Boho style dried florals

You can never go wrong by incorporating plenty of greenery and florals into your décor. This holds true for both occasions and in your everyday home setting, as plants not only look fantastic, they help reduce stress, clean the air, boost your mood, and do all kinds of other amazing things for our health. Read up on how to spruce up our workspace with greenery!

Much like our tip on Texture and Layers, feel free to use different plants and florals for your Boho setup. Pampas grass, dried palm leaves, feathers, wildflowers, bunny tails, and baby’s breath are all popular choices. If you prefer to add more colour, you can include succulents, fresh palms, snake plants, eucalyptus and seasonal flowers. For our setting, I used a eucalyptus wreath on the wall, potted lamb’s ear on the chopping boards, and worked with a fabulous local florist, Wildwood Floral & Event Design, to create the centerpieces.

One more tip on adding greenery is to always use florals and plants that are readily available and in season. Incorporate your own houseplants or host in a garden setting. This approach will save you time and money in the long-run.

Tip #5: Accessorize

candles and greenery on top of a wooden serving board

Sometimes, filling in the gaps on your table is a tricky feat. Is simplicity best? Or do you embrace abundance? Its hard to find the happy middle ground between the two extremes. Be sure to plan ahead for any food or drinks that will take up room on your table, and then decide on the smaller accessories.

Candles are staple accessory when it comes to any Bohemian table setting. Not only do they add a soft ambience, they provide extra lighting if your lunch transitions into an evening soiree. Candles also come in a variety of heights and sizes. It’s fun to mix them up to help carry your guests eyes across the length of the table. In this example, I’ve used small pillar candle holders as well as frosted glass votives to help vary the height. Be mindful of open flames around young guests, windy settings, and dried florals. If you’re worried about any of those items, tea lights are a safe solution.

Another must-have accessory is the Bohemian wicker basket! Offering up both function and style, they can be used to hold your additional rugs, blankets, throws, linens, and pillows. Just about anything! You won’t regret incorporating these into your gathering.

Changing your plant holders is another way to add a whimsy twist. I fell in love with this feathered pot and used it for my table greenery. It was a small, subtle change-up, but made a remarkable difference in the final presentation.


Tip #6: Personalize

Personalized accessories and guest keychain favors for a Boho party

If you want to really impress your guests, personalize the table with place cards, a menu, or party favor that they can take home and enjoy for years to come. Be creative with it. For example, I’ve multipurposed these motivational leather keychains as napkin rings that our guests can take home to use on their own.

You can also play a fun game to send a lucky guest off with one of your floral arrangements. We’ve seen this done at weddings all the time, but its a great way to make memories and have fun. After all, that is exactly why you’re putting on this shindig in the first place!

And there you have it! Your very own sophisticated twist on the classic bohemian-style gathering. An elevated, luxurious setting for any special occasion and an investment for your home for years to come. Enjoy!



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