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Have you ever seen a picture in a magazine of a room that makes you stop and think “I wish my home could look like this”? Architectural details aside, the main reason that room has had such a great impact on you (and likely many other people too) is because of the accessories and décor chosen for the room. It’s all about how these carefully selected decor items pull the room together cohesively to make it look like a million bucks.

We all want the rooms in our homes to be functional, but equally fashionable, am I right? Changing the accessories in a room is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to drastically change the look and feel of a space. Not only do accessories change colour combinations in a room, they also help you achieve different room styles depending on your personality and preference.

To show you just how much punch is packed into accessories, we’re going to show you three different ways you can achieve three different looks in a room all for under $500 by using the exact same furniture and simply changing out accessories. Just because we think our readers are pretty fabulous (yes, we mean you!), we wanted to include your own FREE shopping list and budget breakdown that you can take with you as you work to update your own space! We believe that beautiful spaces can be achieved, no matter the budget and we want to be by your side as you work to create your own dreamy spaces.


Where We Started: Our Canvas

Every space starts as a blank slate. These are the initial items we started with and have kept the same in all 3 looks we’ve coordinated: a grey modern sofa, wooden side table, wooden nesting coffee tables and a modern spider floor lamp.

The only items we will be bringing into the space to achieve different looks include:

–       Artwork

–       Area rug

–       Accent pillows

–       Table lamp

–       Décor items


Look #1: Rustic Countryside

Toss your cares aside and hop into this cozy, country-inspired retreat!

To create this look, we used a neutral and earthy palette of warm browns, creams, greys and black. The neutral colour palette was inspired by the warm brown tones in the coffee table and rustic nature of the end table.

For a country touch, we added some plaid and textured accent pillows in varying sizes, feather artwork, a grey table lamp, faux hide area rug and some simple accessories with a cozy, yet natural and rustic feel.

All that’s missing is a pretty view of the horse and stables!


Look #2: Balmy Beach Vibes

For a completely different look, we kept with a light and airy palette for a lingering summer vibe. With our short Canadian summers, many of live for beach season. Without swaying to a heavy and vibrant beach theme, this colour palette is softer and easier to live with all year long made up of blues, greens, whites, creams and browns.

Sometimes, you don’t have to go far to create a decor item. Looking around your home for items can inspire your ideas. If you are a wine drinker, consider saving the cork toppers and fill a vase with these collectibles to put on display. Simple decor that never goes out of style!

We changed the hide rug with a soft, cream area rug for this look. It’s got a mosaic embossed pattern on it and gives it some added texture on the toes. We changed the shade of this table lamp to a wide stripe that creates a subtle nautical feel.

Patterned and textured pillows in creams, blues and seafoam greens found in the landscape triypch artwork pulled the colour scheme together, while simple greenery in a glass vase was used for the coffee table decor to bring some of the outdoors in leaving a simple but organic feel to put you instantly at ease. Natural branches placed in a large cooper floor vase next to the sofa are reminiscent of driftwood that’s been washed up on the shore.

Close those eyes and picture the sounds and ripples of those waves…


Look #3: Modern & Urban

Lastly, we bring you modern and city chic living. With the vibrant cityscape artwork, we pulled out golds, greens and blues and greys to create this last palette. This scheme is the perfect example to show that modern does not have to mean monochromatic, cold and sterile.

The area rug and accent pillows have a similar pattern which work so well together. Designer tip: paired with a few gold decor items, these accents help draw your eye around the room.

Your FREE Personal Shopping List (Budget Included)

If you’ve got all the basics, it’s time to have some fun with accessories. Planning to update your own space on a budget? We want to help take the guesswork out of the budget and have created your own shopping checklist along with a budget range to help you create your own room update all for $500 or less! Just print and out you go….

Happy shopping!

Need some help redecorating or need some guidance pulling your vision together? Connect with us to see how we might be able to help you redesign your own space. See our Interior Design services and portfolio here.




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