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A poll released last week by Pollara and Century 21, interviewed 1,000 Canadians across the country on home buying motivations and turn-offs. There were a few surprises…

First, some national trends:

  • 40% of Canadian home buyers were actively shopping for a home that would “better fit a new life stage”
  • 41% want a home with energy efficiency upgrades
  • A home’s layout was the most important factor influencing the first impression of 39% of Canadian buyers
  • 30% said water damage would prompt them to walk away from a deal
  • 60% said an unclean home was an absolute turn-off

Regionally, the survey found quite a few differences, some highlights:

  • Buyers and sellers in Ontario were most turned off by water damage (31%), outdated electrical and heating systems (29%), and old furniture (18%). And though 57% of  Ontario buyers were turned off by an unclean home, it was the only province to show a particular distaste for dated flooring.

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