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The community of Elora is great place for families both new and mature to call home. Elora is unique in that it is close to the conveniences of bigger cities, but has still held onto its small-town charm.

Many families are drawn to Elora for the large properties and well-kept country homes. Sellers can take advantage of this through home staging that highlights the charm of their country home, whether modern or traditional.

Traditional Country Home Staging in Elora

When staging a traditional country home in Elora, there are certain elements to keep in mind:

Use furniture that matches the style of the home. Traditional furniture is often made in a medium brown to dark oak finish, and fabrics with muted tones, such as pastels. Using furniture that matches the style of the home will highlight the rustic charm that buyers are looking for.

Maintain a wild, but tidy, garden. Traditional country homes come with the benefit of mature landscaping. This gives sellers the opportunity to showcase their garden’s potential by staging it with a mixture of different plants. Using colourful blooms to fill the expansive beds will showcase the maturity that only comes with older homes.

Modern Country Home Staging in Elora

With a modern country home in Elora, staging is a bit different than with traditional country homes:

Minimalist colour. Having a modern country home allows you to blend old and new. You can be slightly more adventurous with fabrics and furniture: for example, having a classic pattern, such as a stripe, with a modern twist of a bright colour, placed subtly and minimally around the home.

Maintain a garden with clean lines. With modern country homes, it’s important that the garden matches the style of your home. This means having a garden and yard that is as pristine as the rest of your home. This can be done by incorporating manicured plants, such as shrubs, and well organized flower beds.

Elora is a community that embraces both old and the new, and we love showing that through the staging of your home. Whether your style is traditional or modern, staging your country home in Elora will create an atmosphere that buyers can’t say no to.