Model Home Magic

We can help homebuilders increase their sales by creating a space that makes it easy for buyers to visualize themselves living there. From outdoor staging to the interior decor, our team make homes appealing and exciting to buyers. We know how to communicate to buyers through our design strategies– we speak the language that compels buyers to feel comfortable and excited in model homes.

Top realtors throughout the region recognize our innate ability to understand what buyers are looking for, and they rely on the team to help sell their houses faster, above the asking price.

What makes a great show home?

Studies show that a buyer forms the first impression of a home within 7-10 seconds, and our services help sellers make the most of those precious seconds by using focal points to optimize each room and make buyers feel comfortable.

Great focal points attract the buyer’s eye, and help activate the “warm and fuzzy” feeling that will make a buyer feel comfortable in a home. We maximize the strengths and unique characteristics of your home to help buyers see its potential. Traditional feng shui method also guide our placement, helping us to highlight the energy and pulse of your model home.